Krzysztof Grzybowski

Mr. Grzybowski is an extremely talented musician. He has an ability of quick comprehension, excellent technical aptitude, and he has a beautiful, warm tone. He is a really ambitious person, who overcomes every obstacle with great zeal and intelligence. His clarinet talents, the musical and artistic ones, are on a high international level. Teaching him is a pleasure. If his full of successes studying could be supported I would do it.

Sabine Meyer

I would like to recommend Mr. Krzysztof Grzybowski. The first time I heard him was in Moscow, and I was astounded by his musicality, his appearance on the stage, and by his exquisite technical proficiency. Krzysztof Grzybowski is a really talented clarinetist, whose performance stands out because of great musical intelligence, honesty, and the intuition concerning phrases. I believe, that he will be a great soloist.

Professor at Juilliard School of Music in New York

A young man, who plays splendidly. He is a fantastic, young, and talented musician/clarinetist. He performed, together with me, mine clarinet concerto in place of Charles Neidich, a world-class artist. I highly recommend this artist, who already is excellent. Just thinking of what he might become in the future is terrifying.

Krzesimir Dębski


    At the end the clarinetist performed. Krzysztof Grzybowski. The master I mentioned at the beginning. Krzysztof Grzybowski was playing famous Concerto in A major by Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart which was composed two months before composer’s death, known commonly from the soundtrack of Sydney Pollack’s movie Out of Africa. What a wonderful performance it was! There was an impression that contrasting speeches are remembrances of the Mozart’s opera dialogues, that in deep, dark clarinet register Figaro or Tamino speaks out, that in bright, warm, seductive phrases we hear Susanne, al. Pamine or Constancia sighs. In Krzysztof Grzybowski play I found humor, deep feelings, playful tone and an escape to the joy of life sent through light phrases and modestly hidden virtuosity. I do not recall someone who played that concerto so convincingly in effortless dialogue with the conductor and orchestra and that performance of our graduate was rewarded with standing ovations. Clarinetist once more played a part of Adagio and once more we heard that pastel sound turned out to be flexible, sweet, painful and consoling.

    Magdalena Gajl, Polish Radio Białystok, 6.03.2015

    After a short break it was a time for the next legend in the history of music – Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart. Meanwhile, Concerto in A major for clarinet and orchestra KV 622 was played by young polish clarinetist Krzysztof Grzybowski, a student of the master – Sabine Meyer. He did not performed on a normal clarinet, but on extended basset clarinet, so that he could present low written, so rarely heard notes of the concerto. Apart from his virtuosic technique, his warm tone, great in all registers, in a beautiful way was almost not changed. Performing on this instrument seems to be much harder that on the normal clarinet. No less, in the slow movement of the concerto Grzybowski conjured up lovely sound out of nowhere, without any effort, and next he played with lots of vigor both fast movements of the concerto.

    Werner Bodendorff, Flensburger Zeitung, 20.01.2015

    Bassethorn – the instrument we heard in two concertos by Felix Mendelssohn – Bartholdy. It is an alto clarinet with characteristic low, warm tone and long pipe look, supported – like cello – by tail spike. Wolfgang Meyer was performing with excellent polish soloist – Krzysztof Grzybowski. You should remember this name because Grzybowski despite his young age is a great clarinetist, a student of Sabine Meyer.

    Stanisław Bukowski, Gazeta Polska, Niezależ, Warsaw 28.06.2015